Servizi Correlati

The mono-block flotation-flocculator is made of a physico-chemical clariflocculator composed of a flocculation channel, mixed with compressed air, supportive and above a tank of dissolved air flotation, in turn coupled to a drainage bag mud dehydrator.

The operating modes are described below.

The polluted sewage flows into the collection and storage basin (1), from which through a submersible pump (2) controlled by a level switch (3) is relaunched to the flocculation channel (4) composed of two wells separated by a weir and fitted with depth aerators in not unstable tubes (6) fed by a blower (5).

Thanks to the agitation caused by the aerators, the slurry is mixed with the chemical additives (pH corrector, primary coagulant, auxiliary coagulant) injected by the dosing station (7,8,9) which cause flocculation of the pollutants.

The flocculated mixture overflows into a third compartment from which flows into the pipe down to the pool of dissolved air flotation (10) where the separation between the sludge flocs and the clarified water takes place.

The latter partly escapes through the discharge pipe (11) and partly is sucked by a multiphase pump (14) by means of a recirculation branch (12) in which air is injected by the same blower (5) with a flow rate controlloed by a flowmeter (13).

The pump flow enters the drop pipe of the flocculated mixture downstream of a laminator valve with manometer (15,16) which causes the oversaturation of the air and its crushing in microbubbles .

The latters, sticking to the flakes, make them lighter and bring them to the surface where a shovels floodway removes them by transferring in a discharge hopper.


– Textile companies, laundries, jeans manufacturing companies, dyeing plants, paper mills, tanneries
– chemical, petrochemical, electroplating, pharmaceutical companies
– ceramic manufacturers, cement plants, quarries, glass factory, furniture factories, painting booths
– car wash stations, engineering workshops
– dairies, canneries, ham factories, sugar factories, distilleries, breweries, wineries
– livestocks, slaughterhouses, oil mills