Self-cleanig static grid


The self-cleanig static grid is a new generation device that in the recent years is spreading thanks to its charateristics of efficiency and ease of use.

In its most common applications, the grid is installed above the ground and the water piped from an underground pipeline is collected in an underground basin then it’s re-launched to the grid using a submersible pump therein installed.

The whole grid is in stainless steel and it’s made by an inclined filtering surface encased in a support structure.

Basically, the periodic maintenance consists in two operations:

1) removal of material form the grid
2) cleaning of filtering surface

The Self-cleanig static grid is mainly used for the fine screening pretreatment of industrial wastewater operated upstream of its sewage treatment plants.
This device is particluarly indicated for manufacturing activities as:

– wineries, distilleries, breweries.
– Ham factories, slaughterhouses, fish processing companies
– daireis, canneries, breeding livestocks
– textile companies, industrial laundries
– paper mills, tanneries, joinery, furniture factories
– pharmaceutical and petro-chemical industries

In addition to the uses described above, the grid can be adequately used for fine screening of wastewater and for filtering of stormwater runoffs where you want to retrieve for irrigation.